Thursday, June 16, 2011

Killer Mamas

Those who visit my Facebook Wall have figured out by now that I am closely following/addicted to the Casey Anthony murder trial.
Casey, allegedly killed her daughter Caylee.
I will not waste any more words here with a description of the case, the trial, it's all out there in every possible media form.
To this PI, Casey's a lot like Susan Smith who drowned her three children.
At first she blamed someone else for the disappearance of her her sons.
She said they were kidnapped by a stranger until ultimately, she confessed to sending them to their deaths alive, strapped in their car seats,  sinking in a lake,  aware of their fates, mommy not helping.
I'll stop there.

Casey Anthony did something similar in my opinion.
Her child disappeared and she blamed someone else.
In this case Zanny the Nanny.
Now she admits she lied, though the depth and breadth of that lie has yet to reveal itself.
In both cases, and countless others,  the innocents were killed at the hands of the one who gave them life, their own mothers.
I supposed that's why I am so transfixed on these kinds of cases and trial.
I like to plumb the depths of the unimaginable.

I found these statistics which you will find in the article linked below the excerpt, particularly disturbing.
"How common is filicide, or killing one's child, among mothers? Finding accurate records is nearly impossible, experts say. One problem is classification: The legal disposition of these cases varies enormously. Also, many cases doubtless go unreported or undetected, such as very young mothers who kill their newborns by smothering them or drowning them in a toilet after hiding the entire pregnancy.

"I'd say a mother kills a child in this country once every three days, and that's a low estimate," says Cheryl Meyer, co-author of "Mothers Who Kill Their Children."

The above statement  is from this source/link:
"When Mother Kill Children"

I'll close with another article about the subject.
Information is, after all, power.
Unfortunately, not enough power to bring back all the little ones killed by sick mommies.

However, I carry the hope that every now and then, some one sees a warning sign and calls for help.
That's what today's blog is really about.
I think Casey Anthony's parents had no knowledge of, or played any part, in Caylee's death.
I think they were both ignorant to a possibility they couldn't perceive...
and in extreme denial.
In a way, I think they still are.

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