Sunday, June 19, 2011

RE: Letter to Dr. Laura

Turns out the "Letter To Dr Laura" a few posts down, was not written by Dr Kauffman. Many thanks to Dennis Mahon who pointed out this fact in the comments section of the post. You'll find the original  letter a few posts down. Here's  Dr Kauffman's fascinating response, also sent by Dennis who found the story on Snopes, Just in case the Dr.'s links aren't live, here's a link to Dr. Kauffman's letter.

I, James M. Kauffman,
Did Not Write the Open Letter to Dr. Laura

To learn more about the widely distributed "Dr. Laura Letter," please read the Urban Legend Reference Page on the Snopes site.
This page provides access to the story of correspondence I've received regarding a letter written to Dr. Laura Schlessinger by someone unknown to me (and, as far as I know, to anyone else). I include in the story my commentary on the communications I've received and other issues. Although I did not write it, the "open letter to Dr. Laura" circulated on Internet over my signature without my consent.
Please feel free to peruse my curriculum vita to learn about what I actually have written.

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