Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Killer Bath Salts

This PI has to hit the road again and so, this message will be brief.
I have blogged before about Bath Salts being used for purposes other than bathing.
People are using them to get high.

Yes, the synthetic drugs crisis situation across this country is growing worse.
Yet who among us would ever consider something that sounds so innocuous as "Bath Salts" to be both  a drug of choice and an instrument of death?
Poison control centers are now flooded with Bath Salt calls.
People are dropping like flies because they choose such dangerous and in my opinion, absurd, highs.

I often investigate injuries that happen to soldiers and their families after the soldier returns from Iraq, Afghansitan, wherever.
We have so many military bases here in the Pacific Northwest I go on base or off meeting, to meet with soldiers who are about to deploy or have just returned.

Without failure, if I have a soldier as a client, badly injured in an auto wreck...
he or she has trouble understanding how they survived a war...
then were brought down here at home by DWI, someone uses a cell while texting, two teens road racing or a lousy driver.
However, the link I am leading you to is a whole different story.
This soldier and his wife were brought down by Bath Salts.
Bath salts? Really?
Just follow this  link and it will lead you to the whole disturbing story:
Are Bath Salts To Blame in Soldier and Wife's Death? http://www.thenewstribune.com/2011/06/14/1704967/bath-salts-blamed-in-2-deaths.html

In April, a mother, father and their five year old son were also done in...
by Bath Salts!
Evidently the high is similar to Meth... which leads down one road, addiction, madness and death.
So with Bath Salts in Dad's system (I'm not sure about Mom), one or both allegedly smothered their five year old son... left his dead body home.... took to the road...
and then both were killed in a collision.
Here's a link to that story. Also quite disturbing.
Are Bath Salts To Blame In Dad, Mom and Child's Deaths? http://www.973kiro.com/?nid=11&sid=468601

I think it best to close with a the following You Tube video, which include testimony from an actual  Bath Salt User.
It may help you understand more about a concept that was... and still is.... unfathomable. 
At least to me.

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