Sunday, June 12, 2011

Out Of Minutes

I am rushing today, per usual.
Yet I managed to squeeze in two hours this a.m. to blog about two suicides that occurred in the past two months to people close to me.
The blog was also about preventing one more.

It was one of my better blogs, if I do say so myself.
And then, as we all tend to do, I pushed a wrong button...
or sent some kind of negative energy into cyberspace...
and the blog was zapped away. Erased.
Every single word of it.
I'm sure you know the feeling.
It's like writing the first two pages of a masterpiece and having them spontaneously combust.
May I say "argggghhhh."

However, there was a point to that blog and I will not leave today without making it, via a You Tube.
Because this blog is really for one of my blog readers who I just got off the phone with.
Long story short... he wants to kill himself.
I do not want him to.
I have lost two people I know to suicide in the past two months and enough is enough I told him.
I don't think he was listening.
We talked through every option for survival.
He is broke, homeless, has no one who loves him, wants him, no state aid, epilepsy and chronic pain from a bone disease.
His family won't help him and he has run out of couches to surf on.
I thought I had him convinced at least they'd give him a bed and three square meals for a little while.
He didn't say a word to that.
In fact all he said to "I've got to go. I'm out of minutes."
I have tried to reach him three times since I told him to "Get into an ER or Crisis Center now."

His pay as you go phone rings to nothingness.
I know no one to call, don't even know if his name is real because he is not a Facebook friend.
He is a blog reader, far across the sea, in an country....
who emailed me in response to a blog I wrote once about a Suicide Bridge.
The song that follows has been posted several times, in different versions on this blog and my wall.
That's because I love it.
And it says something in a way I can't.
To my friend, if you are still out there, please "don't give up."
You never know how the story will end if you give it just

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