Sunday, June 19, 2011

Introducing "Dear Private Eye": New Direction, Free Advice, Calling All Emails

Write me here:
I'm writing a book now about Private Investigation. And I've been advised by those schooled in both electronic media and publishing, that it's best keep this blog going while I write the book.
That can be challenging, because I tend to write long blogs when I get started. I also work anywhere from 8-14 hour days as a P.I. So finding the time to write a book, blog, work and have a life is going to be a challenge over the next few months.
For that reason I'm taking this blog in a new direction,  one I've been asked to travel for a long time.
It's called "Dear Private Eye." Think of it like an advice column, a "Dear Abby" of Private Investigation".
Here's how it works: 
Send me an email with a question or case you need advice on. It could be a generic, broad-based question about the PI business, a case or personal matter. The advice is free -- with one caveat.
Every answer I provide is just my opinion,  one of many out there.... and in no way is  "Dear Private Eye" a substitute for professional, legal advice.
Please check any reply I give with an attorney, therapist, another PI, a close friend, someone else... before you act on it. It's always best to seek multiple opinions before you  reach a big life decision. You will have complete anonymity.
I'll respect your privacy and once I post your email here, I'll delete it from my inbox.
Just like good ole' Ann Landers, or Dear Abby, I have no interest in searching out who you are.
My job is to protect your privacy. And my interest is only in helping others -- by offering free opinions based on a complex, full life... and a long history of crisis management as a Private Investigator.
The economy is tanking, people are losing their homes,  families are at odds and splitting up, riots are breaking out everywhere, predators are running rampant and people can't always afford to pay for the help they need.
Mine, on this blog is free.
This idea will allow the blog to keep running while I'm writing the book.
And  I want "Dear Private Eye" to bring someone...or many.... help, hope, direction.
I need your help to make this work, so please think up a question I can answer to help you and email away to
I'll leave this post up...along with today's blog, Dr Kauffman's retraction to the Dr Laura letter (see below) for a little while to start gathering emails.  I've also been advised to include an original blog
once a week and plan to do that.
So if you find your way here, please support your local blogger with email questions... and keep coming back.
Looking forward to hearing from you... only time will tell how this plays out.

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