Sunday, June 5, 2011

RE: Mommy Dearest vs. TSA - Full Version

Below is the complete uncut version filmed by a persistent son after he filmed his hysterical Mommy flipping out at TSA Checkpoint. I think Mommy has issues with being touched. It's a full ten minutes and it's fascinating to me to see how everyone reacts while the son holds his legal ground. While I admire her son's tenacity and calm under pressure as he filmed and was confronted by various authorities, I can't help but wonder what life is like behind closed doors in that house. I sure wouldn't want to sit next to that mommy on a plane at 30,000 feet.


  1. Susan.....I am quite surprised by your post, "Mommy has issues being touched"; wouldn't you?????? I know that I do along with MANY other travelers, she is far from being alone. And, to minimize this woman's reaction to the TSA procedure which she clearly felt violated as SO many individuals do but DO NOT have a choice. And, if infact you have ever been victimized "flashbacks" can occur at any time. I am feeling that by minimizing her feelings/reaction speaks volumes that so many advocates are fighting against for our/your rights. No one knows if there were "intentions" of said incident were planned but everyone please be considerate of others, their feelings and survivors of victimization. Victimization is NOT a choice. Our children are being violated for God's sake, it's not okay. Please do not minimize feelings of any victimization. Thanks so much for sharing yet another TSA mishandling .And, personally I wouldn't have a problem sitting next to her at 30K feet (respect of boundaries and knowing how to professionally deal with crisis and deescalation).

  2. anny, whether we like it or not, TSA is doing it. Whether they stop or not is not in our hands. Our choice comes in whether to fly or not. Or whether to scream or not.Or whether to tell the handler beforehand that she is a victim of abuse. i know two women who have done that. TSA was cool. Personally,if they let her on that plane,in a closed cabin, and we were stuck with her screaming at 30k feet, i'd be p.o.'ed what of the other passengers? the little kids? those scared of flying? what do we do then? trapped with a screamer in a metal tube for hours? guess we must agree to disagree on this one.