Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why Mothers Kill. Most Recent Update from the Associated Press

A few hours before I began writing this blog, The A.P. posted the story linked below.
It's called  "Moms killing kids not rarely as rare as we think"
After reading it...  I thought, how could I not post here, today...before I begin my rounds... and given the subject at hand?

I used to work at one of the Public Defender agencies in the Seattle area.
Among my many assignments, I was the Investigator assigned to defend a baby killer.
That case....
and one other, the defense of a cop killer....
are the reason I one day walked into my supervisor's office at Public Defender.
I said, "I can't do this anymore."
I simply stepped away.

Now, I represent injured victims,  just as an injury investigator might work for like the little boy who lived through what his mother did in the ice cold Hudson River.
I hope a responsible adult will find  good attorney to get the little boy a settlement from the car's insurance company.
The insurance company will no doubt deny the claim because, they will claim in was not an accident, rather a criminal act.
Still, a good attorney and a good jury, might be able to overcome that argument.A civil settlement may pay for the lone surviving child's college education.
And immediate therapy.
Not only witnessing the murder of your siblings...
but surviving a murder attempt by that same mother...
to have the last visual memory of your mom being you, slipping out a window while your mom's hand tries to pull you back into a sinking care where your brothers and sisters (I suspect) scream in terror...
it has altered that little boy world beyond anyone's capacity to comprehend it.
Why do mother's kill?
A whole lot of reasons.
I think they are best stated in this link:

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