Monday, April 18, 2011

Today The Wind Shifts

I feel a change in the wind. I suspect you feel it too.
Before  I head out on the evening's rounds, may I say... "Go with it."
Being: Go with the "Wind of Change"
Flow with it.
Become the person you wish to be.
Be the change you wish to see in this crazy universe of ours.

Let your weaknesses guide you to your strengths...
Let the Wind Of Change carry you to a different you, a new you.... a  kinder, gentler, more positive you who finds a way past the walls others have either built around you. Or you have built around others.

When people are frustrated, angry, upset...
they tend to throw bricks.
The wise man is the one who "takes the bricks thrown at him by others and builds foundations beneath them"
The impossible is only possible... provided you believe its posssible.

Sadly, I think some choose to dwell in the negative shadowlands...
they stagnate in their own juices.
These are the people who I choose to avoid...
especially when they choose to avoid me.
When they do lash out, take offense at my defense of someone or some principle --  I want to respond to their abuse in kind.
And at times I do...
though my written words are always measured by what I call the "boomerang effect":
will those words I emailed or sent... come back to haunt me?
Would the statement I made in my or someone else's defense... placed under the possible scrutiny of a jury, or worse... my mother.... reflect an over-all decent human being?

I usually show or read any nasty emails I write to an adversary, to a second party before I send them.
Often I hold onto them for 24-48 hours.
Acting on impulse, pushing "send" to soon, is like putting a gun to your foot and pulling the trigger.

My direct and closely scrutinized/edited emails,  are my version of  a missile launch -- a targeted, direct act of defense designed to protect someone smaller, younger, perhaps weaker physically, than the bully.
I will also go to email war to protect the disabled, the elderly, the more fragile, feeble or afraid...
from someone predatory.

Either way I will be the first to admit.... I do butt in to defend underdogs.
I  am not an easy opponent. As an Investigator,  I can prove who said what and when.
Still, I do suffer the consequences, the bruises and lumps, for my intrusion...
though they are well worth it.

To all of you out there who stand up against people who are trying to prove themselves right and you wrong...
To those who are called names...
and psychologically diagnosed by rank amateurs...
I say,  "Hold your ground!"
And if you need help,  rally it.

The good news is...
Most good people will always circle their wagons around the light of truth.
Oppressive regimes, the ones that shut you out,  denegrate you, build barriers to block you out...
insult your intelligence and free speech...
these regimes have and will be overcome.
Revolution is in the air.
Today, I am all about the Wind of Change.

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