Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have learned a valuable lesson this weekend.
It was a lesson taught to me by repeated and methodical adversity.
Like banging your head against the same wall not one but three times.
And then being surprised that it hurt.

I knew I was walking across a bed of red hot coals barefoot.
I knew better.
Or thought I did.
Somehow I believed I could walk across those coals to bring about a change.
My goal was to build a bridge.
Someone burned it down.
I tried to build another bridge.
That too was burned down.
I figured third time had to be a charm.
Burned... big-time.
Third time wasn't a charm, more like a three-alarm.
And that's when the Cold Play Song below entered my mind.
I felt compelled to pull it up.
I think it says more about what people think when they are saddened  by the actions of others...
or their own actions...
than I could ever write in a blog.
I have learned we can not fix other people.
They can only fix themselves.
And only if they want to.

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