Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Second Thought on The Final Act: One Gentle Man's Suicide.

I intended to post on a differet subject this morning, however, I feel compelled instead, to follow-uph on the subject of suicide.
Specifically that of Scottt Simpson... and extraordinary local man with a huge heart, strong and generous spirit... and incredibly successful talent, culinary included.
He was also quite courageous... enduring and surviving many challenges in his life.
His legacy is the "Lunchbox Laboratory."

Suicide is not  a subject people ike to read or hear about.
Many prefer to swim in that great river of denial.
Others, in my opinion, unfairly and unjustly chastise -- particularly some of the religious persuasion who believe suicide a sin.
However,  when someone leaves the planet in such a manner, by their own hand(s), those left behind hold huge questions in their hearts and minds.
And Scott Simpson's departure left so many questions in my head yesterday while working while a case....  I felt a need to examine Scott's situation further.
I did not want to be intrusive, merely to understand.
How can someone so young, so attractive, with so much going for him, choose to end it?
I made phone calls while moving up and down the I-5 corridor.
It was a 12 hour work day, so I had plenty of time to jump between local talk radio discussions, people calling in who knew Scott, running their stories and the info through my head.
And the info I gathered from sources who knew Scott beyond meeting hm helped me fill in the blanks.
I returned last night from my rounds and found a community message board filled with questions.
Evidently I was not alone in my quandry.
This forum (at the end of this poste),  is from Seattle's historic sea-faring community of Ballard -- one of my favorite spots in town...  which discusses issues that may have been a contributing factor.
Out of respect for Scott, his family and friends of this kind gentle man, I will not go into those issues here.
I will say sometimes I see suicide as a confluence, or covergence of events -- psychological, emtional physical, economic.
Triggers can be internal or external.
Sometimes it takes a single straw to break a camel's back, despite a life time of windstorms.
Certainly, there can be one single moment or precipitating event that flips a switch in someone's head.
That could be an event...or a prescription medicine.

Read the warning labels on prescription meds... especially anti-depressants.
Suicide can be a side effect!
How absurd is that?
You take a medication because your are bummed out... and it kills you!

Still, for many, I believe suicide is a thought that has been thought many times...
until it is acted on.
After that, there's no turning back.
Only reflection and lessons for those left behind.
Here's the link to a sorum forum where some people people ask the same questions we all do.

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  1. I'll tell you about my adventures with suicide sometime. You've got it exactly right when you say this:

    >>Suicide ends a profound pain a person can not bear.
    It does not mean they are weak.
    It just means the pain of living is too great to face another moment.