Thursday, April 28, 2011

The light at the end of Charlie's tunnel is a train.

I will not hide this side of my personality.
I am a bit of a voyeur.
I think all P.I.'s are... or we'd be in another line of work.
I'm one of those people who slows down... who "rubbernecks"... at the scene of an accident.
If I hear a gunshot, or sound in the middle of the night, or I see a fight, or a drug deal going down, I observe.
I will listen at doors when people argue beyond any expectation of privacy.
I love to tune into loud conversations of others when I am alone at a coffee shop.
Yet even though I am an Investigator, I am primarily a watcher.
When I can help, I pitch in.When I can not, I  step away and observe.

So lately the train wreck I have been enjoying watching is Charlie Sheen.
I know many blog readers are sick of this story by now.
I can't get enough it. And I'm not sure why.
It just says so much on so many levels...
about fame, fortune,  chemical dependency, addiction, stardom, ego, narcissism, mental illness, delusion, media, self-destruction, money, mayhem, mania and madness.
So when my youngest daughter called me on the drive home tonight...
and told me to tune into a radio station because they were going to somehow get hold of the remaining Charlie Sheen tickets, unsold for his visit to Seattle, and have a public burning and it was a real hoot....
I was fascinated and mentioned what a great blog subject this would make.
After all, I am tired tonight and I couldn't tell an iota of the story the You Tube above this blog post  could.

Now you have probably have seen bits and pieces of this interview before.
This is the full uncut version.
It was just uploaded to YouTube early this month.
The most recently uploaded  uncensored, uncut version.
It'll take seven minutes out of your day...
and what you could learn could be more than you'd see in a year in psych classes.
The unraveling of a human being.
Just turn off your tv, turn this thing on, and bear witnesses to madness.
It really is a rare thing to see in such raw form.
Can't help but make you feel a little better about yourself, eh?

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