Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making Change

I'm all about change this weekend.
Changing everything.
I know change begins from within. I get that.
We need to be the change we wish to see in the Universe. It is my mantra.
We need to be more like Ghandi.
And like the revised Serenity Prayer I posted on my Facebook wall, I know the change begins within.
Once you you look at yourself, face to face, no b.s....
you see all the power you have is self-contained within your body, mind and spirit.
One little change in your world,
rocks the whole world.
An example.... I found and interviewed a witness who I was forewarned about yesterday.
He was allegedly very angry, very irrational at times, and hates any kind of authority.
Particularly anyone associated with the justice system which he feels has screwed him. (S'cuse my French... Blogger's privilege).
Needless to say, the warnings had me on edge.
They also gave me notice.
I needed to change.
To become someone he didn't expect.
Someone who he believes cared, would listen, wouldn't interrupt, would just allow him to vent while I took notes. I would not judge.  I would treat him with respect and dignity.

He had a gun in his hand when I knocked on his door.
I didn't see it at first, just heard his voice.
The gun I anticipated because I went to his door by by-passing the security entrance.
I  got into the building when I found a charming older man who was leaving to let me in  the locked door with a sweet story I made up about seeing my uncle.
I took the elevator up several flights in the  high security building then just knocked at my subject's door.
"Who are you?" he shouted from behind the door.
"Susan" I said, "we haven't met."
I saw his eye peering through the peep hole.
"How'd you get in this building?" he said through the closed door.
"I talked a guy into letting me in," I said.
When he finally opened he door a crack, the chain still hooked,  I saw the gun. It was lowered.
He saw me look at it.
I said "Whoa, I'm just here to talk and I am on your side. Wouldya' mind putting that gun away? I'm unarmed"
He opened the door, grumbled "come in" and walked into another room and walked out gunless.
I showed him my ID, my state license.
And by the end of the interview, not only did I get every bit of info  I needed out of him in my notes,
I got a signed statement
And.... he asked if I was married. lol.
All because I changed.
Instead of taking a strong, defensive posture, I chilled.
Now if he was a complete lunatic, I probably would be dead by now and not writing this.
Instead, I just received a call from him telling me to tell the attorneys to call him anytime they wish.
He also gave me more info pivotal to our case.

Thing is, I hadn't intended to blog this weekend.
I have way to much investigating to do in the  48 hours.
So I am racing through this post and I'm sure you will find typos everywhere. 
However, I thought the point might be helpful to someone who finds their way to this blog.
No, you can not change others by telling them how to act.
Yes, you can change others by changing the way you act towards them.
It's not just the talk, but walking the talk.
That's what changes the world.
And that's why I am posting the song that follows this here.

I struggled putting Carrie Underwood and John Lennon on the same page.
It required a change in my thinking to do.
And it is done.
When I return to the blog, I will be able to see how many people read it, from where.
I will know whether my decision to post today... after deciding not to post today last night, was wise.
Either way life is risk.
Some risks are worth taking.
And all risks involve change.

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