Sunday, April 24, 2011

RE: Epic Easter Rap Battle ( See Below)

This is a blog drive-by to wish all here a Happy Easter, Passover, whatever holiday floats your boat.
Those who know me know.... know I have a warped sense of humor.
I might venture to say most P.I.'s do.
We see so much aberrant behavior and so much darkness on a daily basis, it's hard not to look for humor in things.
Particularly the commercialism of certain holidays.
The epic rap battle that follows has offensive language in it, though I doubt there's anything in it you haven't heard before.
Regardless, if you find sexual innuendo offensive...if  you are homophobic... or bunnyphobic... do not push "play." 

Meantime, despite the holiday, this P.I. has cases to write up for clients in hospital beds.
Cases I must address on behalf of clients under cold dark ground, with no promise of resurrection... just a family's hope for justice.
Yesterday, for instance,  I received a call from a mother, a client of mine, who believes her 26 yr old daughter was murdered by her boyfriend. The police believe it was suicide. I will be the one who will decide if there is enough reasonable doubt  and viable evidence here to ask the police to reopen the case.
So the dead woman's mother, my client,  received the entire police file yesterday in the mail, including police report, crime scene and autopsy photos of her daughter. She wanted me to meet her at a local market where she was going Easter shopping and hand the unopened manila envelope to me because it was too upsetting for her to have.
She said she could not have it in her home on Easter, the first without her daughter.
She wanted me to be the one who opens it up, studies the pictures, assesses cause of death.
And then tell her what I have seen.
The envelope sits in a pile beside me  now.... waiting its turn.
First, there are cases that must be written up, the ones I must deliver to the attorneys by 8:30 am tomorrow.
The sooner I get these cases to attorneys... the sooner the attorneys who work for the injured can contact the insurance companies, which open at 9:00... to get those insurance companies to release the fund to the facilities and staff who treat the injured.
Meantime, I exit with the hope you enjoy this epic rap battle.
If not, better to ask forgiveness than permission...right?

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