Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crystal Mangum in Lockdown For Murder.

Crystal Mangum.
If the name sounds familiar you, it may merely be because it's got that alcoholic, or gun-slinging ring to it.
Or maybe you remember her as the woman who tried to kill the careers of some young Lacrosse players at Duke University by accusing them of rape.
Her false allegations... and the actions of an overzealous prosecutor feeding on a media frenzy.... caused a world of hurt for the innocent young men, their families, the University.
The accused were acquitted.
The prosecutor's career took a nose dive.
And now it appears Ms. Crystal Mangum has been completely flipped her cork.
She's been accused of murdering her boyfriend Reginald Daye.
What drove this girl to such destructive acts is beyond my ability to comprehend at the moment.
I have plenty of theories though.
They run the gamut to childhood neglect and a desperate need for media attention; to mental illness and an inability to survive on her own... all punctuated by a festering anger that grew into acts of mayhem, madness and murder.
All under the glare of the media spotlight.
At this point the how's are obvious.
It's the why's that always fascinate me.
Here's a link to the story, "Crystal Mangum Indicted for Boyfriend's Murder"  by
You draw your own conclusions.
The jury is still out on mine.

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