Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sex Offender In Friday Harbor?

Friday Harbor is one of the San Juan Islands, a magical island amid a huge archipelago of islands here in the Pacific Northwest reachable by float plane or boat.
The community of Friday Harbor is small, closely knit and  tightly woven.
However the community's sense of safety and security started to unravel when word was that a habitual sex offender, David Stewart, was being released to live with his wife in Friday Harbor.
Unhappy is an understatement. Outrage would more the community's response.
And no wonder.
Friday Harbor has never had a sex offender live there before.
And this guy is allegedly a repeat offender who had sexually assaulted children as young as six.
The house he would live in had children in houses all around him.
In the community's mind, having him live in Friday Harbor was like giving lighter fluid to an arsonist.

I found all this out today.... and followed the story in the course of my travels.
In the morning, it seemed like the guy was moving to town despite the community's outage.
Here's a link to an earlier article that details the plan, protests and the wife's adamant stance her husband would not offend again from the Seattle P.I.
Many hours later, I made it home and checked the news on this case.
It appears the worm has turned.
There's been an update.
No sex offender for Friday Harbor. Also from the Seattle P.I.
Lessons learned?
It does take a village.
And love is blind.

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