Wednesday, March 23, 2011


At this very moment, when I really think about it... I suppose it was just a matter of time before  "evacuation" would be come a commercial enterprise marketed to civilians.
Yet, before all the natural disasters as of late....
combined with the waves of war and revolution currently washing over this planet...
I never thought I would see an ad for evacuation products and companies on places like Facebook.
I will link to you to one such company at the end of this post.
My intent  with this blog post, is not to push a push a particular company or product.
Rather it is to make a point.
Evacuation is no longer a word used primarily in bathrooms; Hollywood; or during Hurricane threats to our east coast.
It is now a big business.
And it is reaching out to beyond First Responder networks to the general public.
This morning, I discovered the Evacuation Chair, advertised on FB.
That gave me pause to ponder and post here before I begin my day.

Not only has the world shifted on it is physical axis due to a shift in the earth's crust and tectonic plates...
the people on this planet have shifted psychologically, emotionally, politically, culturally, socially.
We have witnessed the unfathomable.
Been touched by the inconceivable.
In my mind, since 911...
the current generation which may not be so familiar with the atrocities of the Holocaust, is now familiar with a whole new spectrum of of horrific possibilities.
Not only what people do to other people, also what nature does to people.
It appears we individual humans are not the center of the Universe.
There are greater forces at work here.... and it does each  of well to pull our collective heads out of the sand and take a good look around.
Sometimes, in order to save ourselves, we need to save others.

So it is with this thought in mind, I post a link to one company.
Its name isn't the best given yesterday's internet release of barbaric photos taken by what I would consider a whacked out squadron of  American soldiers from a unit with the same name.
The "trophy" photos show soldiers displaying the dead much like a hunter holds up a deer he just killed. Court martial procedures are now underway. I won't link you to the photos.
Once you see them, you can't erase them from your head.
Those photos had the same effect on me as the beheading videos released on the net years ago.
I watched those and was shaken to the core. I had my own earthquake; then a tsunami of emotions I choose not to subject anyone else to by re-post or linking them here.

Instead, consider this.
When you care about... or for... someone who can't care from themselves...
and a call comes out for evacuation, there are products that can help you when the first responders are helping others.
Of course, the current economy keeps the average citizen from keeping products like these on hand.
However, it is important to know products are out there that can help you move a disabled person when and if the need arises.
Now I know this isn't an "uplifting" blog post in the traditional sense.
However,  the lift the Stryker chair gives can save a life.
And isn't that why we  humans are supposed to be here... to live  as long as possible?
Even when we are in harm's way.
So here's a link worth visiting.
From this link to company's home page, check out the Stryker Chair and the full line of products.
It is both sobering and liberating if that's possible.

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