Thursday, March 17, 2011

An eye for an eye?

The following is a story from KIRO news. It's  the next chapter in the Clearly Lasik murder for hire. One doctor took out a hit on another....the families are related by blood.
I often wonder whether it is a tough, heavy,  or time consuming considered decision to hire a hit man, Or an impulsive one.
Either way it's not a good thing to do.
I think it's far better to dissolve a business partnership than  to put a hit out on your business partner. Especially one who is related to you. The whole concept blows the whole family dynamic out of the water.

For a brief moment in time, many moons ago, someone put a hit out on me....
and the attorney I worked for once we discovered a witness had been killed by a subject on a prior case.It was not a pleasant experience.... not was it one that was discovered by the media.
Once it got to the point not only the attorney's life and mine were threatened... but also our families...
I got out of the case. Just like that. So did the attorney.
Being  P.I. and not a police officer I get to pick and choose my cases.
I can say no anything that causes me concern.
A police officer has no such choice. He is called to scene -- domestics, a meth house, he must take the scenario all the way to its conclusion.
In this case of the  Clearly Lasik co-founder and potentially lethal doctor... Dr. Michael Mockovak... what worries me most is what happens when he gets out.
Thank you Kiro News for this story.
Here's  the link:

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