Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hats off to Hero Tom Henderson and Shelter Box.

Haiti. Australia. Japan's disaster...earthquake, tsunami and now nuclear meltdown.
All while waves of  democracy and revolution are sweeping across this planet.
And as I type, I watch the news... and witness the United  Nations, launch the overthrow of a brutal dictator in Libya and his self-entitled sons. It was fascinating to watch the President of France step forward this morning and speak of the atrocities we... all unified democratic forces.... are addressing on Libya.
Yesterday on my rounds, I heard one analyst say if Khadafy's brain was an elevator, it doesn't go all the way to the top. It stops short about two floors. And, said the analyst, his sons are  really ruling the country.
I think he's right.
From what I have seen and heard from these kids, I think it's about time someone stepped in and helped the innocent victims of the Khadafy family's insatiable and arrogant appetite for power and possessions.

Today, this PI is down for the count with a flu, so I have this rare opportunity  to watch the good guys take down the bad guys in Libya... which won't be an easy task for sure.
I have never seen anything like this recent tidal wave of natural and political disasters in my life.
While I sit cozy on my sofa, watching the world news unfold...
watching the nuclear reactors meltdown...
wondering about the workers at the  nuclear plant who are saying goodbye to life for the sake of their nation and families...
admiring the strength and courage of those who are doing something about it...
I am compelled to salute Tom Henderson here.
Tom came up with a way to turn money into Shelter Boxes containing enough survival elements for years. Each shelter box contains, among other things, a huge tent that will hold 10; food,  a water purification system; everything a family needs to a survive  the after-effects of a disaster.
In Haiti, Tom's Shelter boxes are being passed from one family, which has stablilized, to another family, still homeless. 

I'm following this post with a link to the CNN article about Tom...
and then I will make my meager donation towards a Shelter Box.
For most unemployed and financially strapped Americans, sponsoring one Shelter Box can be  too costly, about a grand (which adds up to two  front row seats listening to Charlie Sheen blather.) 
Or, you can also donate $10.00, $25.00 or $50.00 towards a Shelter Box and all the small donations add up to one big box you share with others.

Either way, the Shelter Box you contribute to, can be tracked, just like mail at the post office.
It's an amazing concept ...and I want to  share it... and honor Tom Henderson, in this tiny little blog, for coming up with the idea.
Within 24 hours of the disaster in Japan, Shelter Box was there.
If you want to do something more specific than throwing money into a vast pool of aid sources, consider Shelter Boxes.
Here's the link.
All we can do now is watch, pray, and for those who can...give.
Here's the link:

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