Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alexandra"s Meltdown

Boy would I hate to be this girl's mother right now.
Or worse, I definitely would hate to be her right now. Alexandra Wallace Racist D'jour.
What an idiot.
She is a well endowed blond who is, in my opinion, the person the blond jokes were written for.
Instead, she jokes about Asians in a very vile and vicious way.
And she gives most of us intelligent, compassionate Americans a very bad rap.

Alexandra opened her mouth before really thinking  through what the effect of what she had to say... was going to have on the lives of so many people she offended.
Beyond that, she had clue with with what magnitude that You Tube post would rock her world.
I suspect she never considered the ripple effect, or the tsunami she'd send her way.
Now she's nuclear.
And likely.... melting down somewhere in a safe-house.
Go the link I'm about to post to read more about the story.
It's one of the few places you can fully find the YouTube rant.
Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and catch this YouTube of her original post before the version on this link is found and deleted:

The response to Alexandra, especially on YouTube,  has been venomous and cautionary.
This girl now has a target sign on her front and back.
Must suck to be her today.
Still, must suck even worse to be the victims, family, friends, responders in the disaster zone.
First the quake. Then the tsunami. And now, potential nuclear meltdowns amid on-going and terrifying aftershocks.
You would have thought this girl's mama would have taught her better.

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