Friday, March 11, 2011

Meltdowns and Murder

You may have noticed the blog is lacking my usual commentary lately.
That's because I am fairly busy.... and speechless.... at the end of the day as the world economy continues to tank. As people continue to lose their grip on reality, some do illegal things.... many of which truly confound me and in their cruelty and ingenuity.

Some analysts I respect say the economic bubble that burst around us all.... its size expanded by the internet bubble.... was the largest collective financial bubble blast in  history. It had been building a long time.

Today, waking up to the news of the quake and tsunami in Tokyo, studying the footage... then turning to my case files led me to this blog before beginning my rounds. The human lives/economy are going to feel a huge ripple effect from the latest events in Japan. Already we have tsunami warnings on the Washington and Oregon coast. I will be crossing the Puget Sound shortly to my first case.

So many unemployed. So many foreclosures. So many people with no health or auto insurance or cars. And now, missions overflowing with the homeless. So many more Americans on unemployment and food stamps.

I am not a pessimist. I consider myself a realist. I don't think things are going to improve in the  real estate market for a long long long time.  And as far as I am concerned, the stock markets are the largest gambling casinos in the world.

In this economy cash is king and those without it....who also happen to be without scruples... are stealing it from those who have it.
If they can't steal it fast enough, they kill their subjects and take their insurance.
I know it sounds grim. That's because it is.
However, it is the P.I.'s reality. It is my reality.

I am working a few "was it murder or suicides?" now, cases that the police have hit walls on. Economic budget cuts have hit police budgets hard,  so P.I.'s are often asked to work alongside police by a victim's family.

Many families are convinced their loves ones were murdered and did not kill themselves. Most often these client involve females killed, by boyfriends who were at odds with them or have prior criminal records. Therefore I can understand their suspicions. Finding the evidence to convince a grand jury to indict? That's a completely different story.

And then there are the missing.
Go through my Facebook friends list and you will see just how many desperate families have turned to cyberspace to help find their missing, kidnapped or murdered love ones... so many years later.

I came across the following BBC article I am linking you to this morning, about an unsolved murder I have heard about for decades. It is overseas. And it quite relevant to the subject at hand. A family wants justice and will not give up.

Murder has a ripple effect.
One person is dead, permanently.
The living, loved ones around them are the living dead until they get answers.
Imagine what toll the following case has taken on everyone involved. Not just the victim...
who coincidentally enough, happens to be a private detective/ private investigator. 
Daniel Morgan.
Be forewarned, this story is not for those with a weak stomach.

Here's the link:

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