Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suicide Or Homicide?

An investigator working a suicide v. homicide case must determine... did the deceased kill him/herself, or did someone else kill them and deliberately stage a suicide?
These are among my favorite cases to do because they are so intriguing.

People kill each other for all kinds of reasons.
One person kills another for money, blind rage, jealousy or they're in a drug or alcohol black-out/ stupor.
It happens all the time.

Many times, people really do kill themselves.
However, many times, the death is murder -- a crime with no statute of limitations.

I like to believe the killer will never sleep as peacefully as he or she wishes.
Insurance companies are as interested in these cases as much as the police.
If there's a suicide clause in a million dollar policy, the insurance company won't have to pay out if their investigators can prove it was a suicide.
In my opinion and experience, a person who is going to kill themselves so their family will have the money might wait until the suicide wait period is over.
Then again, if they're desperate enough, they may move more quickly and stage their own murder.

So indeed, if someone does kills someone and get away with it...
in other words, make it look like a suicide when it's not...
and some people  know their loved one was murdered including the police...
yet they can't get the evidence to convince a grand jury...
I believe the killer carries his/her secret in their own body and brain and sometimes, grave...
and  the weight of that dark secret always lays heavily on the killer's psyche.

I believe people who kill others and get away with it are eternally haunted.
While alive, they psychologically shape shift into the invisible man cloaked in denial. Or they are are haunted by the discovery that someone else may discover their secret.

Maybe they got what they wanted initially -- an insurance payout, freedom from an overbearing partner , the house, the kids, extrication from one of life's tar pits.
However, I like to think that self-gratification is short-lived and ultimately, the killer's psyche is forever altered when karma steps in until the criminal justice system can.

I think that might/could be the case with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.
I do not believe she pulled the trigger.
And I'm about 50/50 on whether she was somehow linked to the person who pulled the trigger.
I do know/believe the woman is haunted.
And I do believe Kurt left more than a clue behind in the above song by his and Seattle's beloved Nirvana.
You draw your own conclusions.
And here's a link to Private Investigator Tom Grant's fascinating and evidence filled site:

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