Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Caught In a Bad Romance

Besides having someone you love  go flat broke, get sick or die...
(yourself included),
there's nothing quite so bad as a bad romance.
They get ugly.
 Often dark, violent and deadly.
After I write this blog I am going to Facebook to post  a link a friend shared on his wall.
It too has to do with a romance so bad it's criminal.

Living as long as I have...
and being a P.I. who paid my dues on domestics...
And.... having been married a time or two...
I gotta' tell you...
there's a very thin line between love and hate.
And personally, I really don't think there is such thing as an amicable divorce.
However, I don't think they all have to be so dangerous.

I have been told what first attracts you to a person in the beginning could be what most repels you later on.
New relationships produce changes in the body that are secretions of hormones that also affect the brain.
You co-mingle and  think, instantly, you are in love.
It's the two of you against the world.
And love is all there is.
All faults are overlooked...
All mistakes easily forgiven...
as dreams appear to meld so effortlessly.
Yet once those hormonal changes wear off,
once the hunter snares the catch...
and the once the  gatherer has primed the nest...
the hormones wear off and the claws come out.

Since I'm working a couple of particularly disturbing domestic cases, I thought I might add add Lady Gaga to the mix.
In my P.I. brain, this song illustrates the insanity  I witness every time someone who is beaten, abused, degraded, demeaned  or ripped off by their alleged partner tells me they stay because they are in love.
Imho, what a crock.
It is far better to live alone happily than to live with someone miserably.

Lady Gaga haters, time to turn your heads.
This song is raw.

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