Monday, January 3, 2011

Be The Change

These are hard times for everyone except, I think, the very rich.
And even they have their problems.
In fact, I think I have yet to met a person who is problem free.
The problem with problems is they often only get worse unless you solve them.
P.I.'s are problem solvers.

I tell many clients, "In Chinese, the symbol for problem and opportunity are the same same.  So let's turn this problem into an opportunity."
So I can say, for instance, to an injured person...
"Yes, it so sucks you got run over by a truck in the crosswalk,  yet there is an opportunity here with the help of an attorney.
An opportunity to live (which most people hit by trucks don't, i point out)...
and heal because the police cited the trucker, and the truck has commercial insurance.
And maybe you can get some lost wages upfront if there is PIP (Personal Injury Protection)...
and with an attorney the problem of no health insurance is easier to handle because some doctors work on liens again the case.

And so it goes. problems become opportunities.
Hopelessness turns to possibilities.
Walls  can be knocked down, climbed over or walked around. If you're real clever, you can fly over a wall.

Today is a challenging day for this P.I. That's why I have posted  the pale blue dot today. I often turn to it as form of self therapy. The You Tube version above is a variation on the Carl Sagan's brilliant theme. Another version is on my Facebook Wall. His full presentation is astounding and on You Tube.

When the going gets tough and the tough get going... it also helps to keep growing.
The way you do that is to put everything in perspective.
And it all starts with a simple little blue dot.

The only universe we can change is the one that dwells within us.
Once we change, everything around us changes.
It's an amazing truth, really. Yet so few people know or embrace it.

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