Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Re: Kate Nash's Skeleton Song Below

Please be forewarned.
Do not play this You Tube cut when there are minors, or any  people who are offended by violent language.
This is one dark tune.
Don't get me wrong. I think Kate Nash has a great deal of talent.
And this song fits my Facebook "Skeleton In Your Closet" status theme tonight perfectly.
However, the song gets quite violent.
Which is precisely why I am posting it below.
Though admittedly, I am debating whether...or how long... it will stay up.

I think the young people of today are desensitized to violence because there seems to be no-holds- barred attitude in the media when it comes to the horrific, horrendous and hideous on  films, TV, news stories, music and you-tube videos. The darker the better,

Kate Nash, the singer/songwriter below is a  beautiful, sweet looking  young woman.
The fact that she's got these words in her head and they come out of her mouth raises a big red flag to this investigator.
Our young ones are hurting. Big-time.
And when they hurt....  sometimes, they want to make others hurt too.
This song takes the concept to an extreme.
In my opinion, the song is both seductive.... repulsive... and revealing.
It demonstrates what every good P.I. learns.
We all have skeletons in our closet.
Some dance.
Some are murder.

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