Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The below You Tube post is dedicated to a friend who recently loved and lost in a particularly brutal way.
My friend sent me just the lyrics to Anastacia's song to describe the depths of her inner anguish.
I sought out the song... and decided to just post a lyrical, rather than a music video featuring the band.
The point is for you to hear the words... to  understand what it feels like to be betrayed.
Once you know that feeling, at least as an investigator, you become better at catching liars and stopping them before they drain their subjects/your clients dry.
You can also begin to fathom the depths of your clients' pain.

It's one thing to live a rich full love life with someone who'd take a bullet for you.
It's another thing to have that person betray your trust.... your love with lies, illusions, delusions.
If you are stable, you will survive.
If not, adios.

All too many men and women today are ready, willing and able to jump on the internet and search the web.... hoping to avoid black widows and tarantulas..... and land the love of their life.
The problem is the internet is one great big sticky web...
where predators wear masks of sanity...
and nothing can be what it appears to be.
Which means people aren't always who they appear to be.

And the end result of encountering someone who has betrayed you?
Internal arson.
Flamethrower to the heart.

I think this song by says it far better than I ever could.

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