Friday, January 21, 2011

An Eye For An Eye?

Sometimes certain cases I don't work on captivate me as much as the ones I do work on.
One of those cases is that of is the Lasik Eye Surgery "murder for hire" case which has come to trial in my hometown this week.
The storyline is so incredible, it truly took me a while to plumb the depth of this life and near- death drama.
One  eye surgeon allegedly hired someone to kill his partner.
Both eye doctors ran one the biggest Lasik Surgery places in many cities.
The doctors lived closed to each other and as I recall while writing this, both doctors happened to be related to by marriage.

The accusations of a a familial and professional alliance gone bad were incredible, sensational, and riveting.
And in my opinion Dr Mackovack is in deep guana.
What I find fascinating is how Dr. King and his family endure and carry on through all this.
From what I hear, they are handling it with dignity and grace.
I do have a fear for Dr King, his family and others.

My fear is that  Mackovack will get off with a slap on the wrist, his defense claiming a practical joke turned into entrapment.
Or maybe some legal glitch will get him off.
Then... and this is what I fear...Mackovack will try again.
I truly believe "the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior."
Of course, people CAN change.
And I truly tend to believe we are all better than out last bad act.
the ones with such depraved behavior as Dr Mackovack exhibited to a business partner and family member tend not to change.
The Perps only grow more angry, feel more victimized and strike again.
Getting caught adds fuel to their psychological fire.

However, Mackovack is innocent until proven guilty.
And the jury's just begun hearing this case which started this week.
The story is still being told.

I like the article that follows from the Vancouver Sun... which came via the Seattle Times... is a good over-view of the case if you are not familiar with it.
Lesson learned in this one?
Sometimes being a rich and famous in an international family business ain't all it's cut out to be.

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