Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You can't run away.

People, who were once lovers, partners, friends, do not like being left.
Having been there, done that and now.... being paid to investigate it, I thought it appropriate I post this video for a few of my clients and friends going through some rough domestic situations at the moment.
Every day, someone leaves someone in their dust.
Friendships get derailed.
Lovers split due to incompatibility.... or interlopers.
Employers fire life-time employees.
Love affairs, engagements, marriages end....leaving grief, anger and one or two words in their wake.
or "Who?"
I think the following song does a great job getting you inside the head of a  someone who is grieving.... who feels discarded, betrayed.  I hear Paramore's words time and again from clients who expected to be married forever.

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