Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gaming Addicts Guilty of Starving Baby to Death

 Yesterday on my Facebook Page, if you scroll down, you'll see an article I posted about a mother who is addicted to Farmville and shook her baby to death. I and many others found this outrageous, disturbing and inconceivable.
Welcome to my world and business.
So, after discussing this late last night,  I began to search out other deaths related to people who have been so addicted to Facebook and its games...  people who have been neglected or harmed others like  baby-shaking mother in Florida did.
That's when I stumbled upon the lovely couple I will lead you to in the link that follows this post.
Here's the headline:
" Korean couple Convicted of Abandoning Newborn Daughter While They Addictivelt Played Online.
This happened in May and it is true.
They got so busy raising their virtual baby online, they neglected to raise their human one in the land of the living.
Their fragile, alive, beautiful, breathing baby girl died.
Yet believe we must.

Someone on my Facebook wall  yesterday said people who become parents should be licensed.
I wonder if it would have made a difference.
An addiction is an addiction -- be it chemical, bio-chemical,  psychological, it's all-consuming and all the same.
In the end game of addiction,  some one dies.
In my opinion, better the addicts die than their children.
Here's the link:;contentBody 


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