Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is my first day with some time at home base in a long time.
I am between wrapping up two cases, starting a few others and figuring out how to have a life in-between.
All my mailboxes... on laptop, desktop, mobile phone are full.
So is the sink. Full.
The laundry basket. Full.
There are little hairballs I like to pretend are tumble weeds in the far corners of our domestic wasteland, abandoned when work/duty calls.

Our remote beach house is almost all cleaned up after a catalytic converter exploded in our fireplace while we slept. A similar fate befell a local family, three unfortunate people died from the same thing.
It was the smoke detectors that woke and saved us.
The entire place was covered with fine film of black brown slimy ash.
Meantime, the show had to go on.
The bills had to be paid.
Work had to be done.

I could write epics about every day I spend working outside this beach sanctuary as an investigator. And I am working on that.
For now, this brief moment.... a window opened.
And there is this one space, this one little blog, someone might read. Or not.
It's the diary of just one P.I.,  written by one more ant in the colony.

Today's assignment, I must head out to serve some subpoenas this evening.
It's a two part challenge.
First, the finding of the subject.
Then the passing the papers from my hands to the subject's without any kind of altercation.
So far, I have yet to encounter an episode of violence, before or after serving a supbeona.
That could be largely due to my approach.
When I knock on a door or walk up to someone, they never see a P.I. coming.
Just smiling, friendly, harmless-looking, me.
Sometimes I even have flowers in hand.
By the time the subpoena is in their hands and I say "you've been served," the adrenalin rush is quite similar to roller coaster status.
Only it's all internal and about escape.
You know you've got to fly...
and fast....
and hopefully avoid anyone getting between you and your car.
Or anyone getting your license plate numbers.

That said, I just looked at the clock and it just gave me a dirty look back.
I'm running late.
So I posted on Facebook, added a blog here and now, I can happily set off to places and people unknown.
Be safe out there today.
Meanwhile, today's survival tip:
Don't drive in the left lane and never drive in front of a Semi.

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