Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mountain Goat Kills Man

I don't know about this case. Clearly, the mountain goat stabbed the human and the human died.
The goat was then hunted down and killed.
I have mixed feelings about this...
the killing of the goat without a fair trial.
Perhaps the goat was acting in self defense.
Or maybe it was a mother goat protecting a nearby baby goat.
Perhaps the human did something to unknowingly or knowingly provoke the goat.
For whatever reason the goat did what it did... killed the the human.... and the goat was executed.
And eye for an eye.
A goat for a human.
I'm just know if I would call that justice.
Would you?
Here's the link to the story.

1 comment:

  1. Its an animal and can't be judged by human standards. This is the kind of thing that animals do. People have seen too many movies and probably imagine that there's some blood thirsty man killing goat out there, on the loose, ready to claim its next victim, muahaha! When in reality, its just a goat being a goat. No, I don't feel like this is justice at all. Ignorance is more like it.