Friday, October 29, 2010

Link To Blink and Kyron Hormon Case Update

This is a link to Blink On Crime, and the Kyron Horman case update by Family Law Attorney Lea Conner.
I think this is an incredible article. It sheds light in a different direction...
and shows how the media can judge and convict even before a person or body is located, or an indictment is issued.
It also shows how the media can check itself when attorneys like Lea are given a forum to express another, credible point of view.
A child abduction case must not be a witch hunt. It has to be an investigation.
Otherwise all eyes focus on the witch, while the monsters in the closet get away.
There is so much infighting in Kyron's family... meantime, a little boy lost must be found.
Please... take a moment go to this link and really study Lea Conner's article.
Then explore Blink's blog further.
Blink is an amazing woman I am honored to consider a friend... and she's a true crime-fighting hero.
Please follow this link.

I'm also following this post  with  a video about the Mooors Murder. I'm guessing most people here are too young, too far away, or perhaps too disinterested to know about these cases. This is a good summary.


  1. If you're going to comment on a child abduction case,maybe you should at least get his name right.It's KYRON HORMAN.

  2. correction made. i apologize. now you can accept accept my apology or not.i have often thought of shutting the blog down because i am always writing on the run and spit happens. i like being corrected. i don't like the way you said did it.