Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sooner or later, I am going to have to take a major break from blogging to write a book I have committed to. However, I have become use to this blog.... and telling shorter stories, conveying important messages.... and selfishly, releasing my own  inner professional demons here.
P.I.'s aren't like police, we don't have our own built-in employer funded psych program.
We have to work out everything that happens to us in both life and business in our heads.
My wake-up call this morning was from a woman who was being stalked.
Sometimes.... it all  becomes a bit overwhelming for we P.I.'s and that is happening to a friend of mine this weekend.
He is in another country and I am hoping he will go to a hospital or the American Embassy, however, he feels hopeless and helpless... as he has cancer, complete financial ruin... and is actually sitting at home, cutting out his own tumors.
He says he has no family left in the U.S.
He is physically wiped out.
I do believe he has resigned himself to die.
Were I rich I could do something about this in a heart beat
I am not however.
And it appears to me he determined to just exit planet earth without a final fight.
If I call and have the authorities in a third world country intervene, who knows how much worse it could get for him. They could lock him in a psych ward.
That would be the end of him.
I and others have laid out several viable options.
What he does with all this info is up to him.
So for me, this is a hard time to have to exit the internet  for the day.That's why I figured the least I could do for my friend.... and myself.... is to write this blog.
And post the video above.
I will link him to it and tell him again here:
you are loved.
Please don't give up, don't leave, without one last fight.

Life can turn on a dime.... unless you cut it all off too soon.


  1. Did this post offend some people?

  2. mary, no, not this post. it was a status bar quote on my FB wall that offended people. i chose to take the controversial post don because there are so many ways to get a message across without hurting someone.