Sunday, September 19, 2010

Acid Girl - "The story behind the story"

What kind of young woman throws acid in her own face and carries the whole hoax out for so long....talking to media from her hospital bed, her once attractive face wrapped in bandages?
This act of self-mutilation resulted in many victims, not just two other women in our country injured in copycat crimes.
Bethany Storro also accused a woman of color of committing this crime.
Just like Susan Smith accused the same, only this time, a black male, of drowning her boys. Susan Smith was the one killed her sons.
Ultimately, both women confessed. Yet I can't imagine the weight and worry anyone of color felt while the search for the alleged perpetrators of these lies went down.
And I am grateful to law enforcement professionals with the powerful ability to elicit those confessions.
Still that inevitable question remains?Why?
Screws loose? Low self-esteem? Meth trip? Media crazy? Whacko Parenting?
I have been a bit haunted by this case. Then I stumbled upon this article.
I think it does a great job of plumbing the deaths of this woman's psyche.
Just click here: The story behind the story of the acid hoax | The Columbian

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