Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Background Sources

I shared this link with a friend tonight and I decided to  share it with readers of this blog as well.
It's the first item on the list of my "Fave Free Links" on the left side of this blog.
This is a great start to any background, locate, asset search, you name it.
The list will grow in the days and weeks ahead. I add to it whenever I can.

Licensed P.I.'s use both the  public, free data sources... and, paid investigative databases which require a license and a legally permissible reason.... to access information the general public may not have access to. The paid databases are fast and cut right to the chase.

The thing about free databases is avoiding the advertisers on the free sites who lure you in and then try to get you to pay for searches.
Over time you get good at identifying those lures... they are usually colored boxes that stand alone.
Getting into backgrounds takes time, so be patient with yourself.
Bookmark this link below. This is truly a great site.
One day you will need it for something... or someone.
Start every search here, free.
Link to: Public Records Free Directory - Nationwide Directory of Public Record Resources

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