Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let It Be

I think when my times comes, I will fight to the death.
But then again, maybe I won't.
Maybe I'll be hurting so bad, I'll just yield to sleep's sweet escape or embrace.
Who really knows what we do until we do it?.
Those who say they've died and come back, may really have been there.
Down the tunnel, to the bright light, greeted by the comforting images of family members and friends. Seen angels and/or God.
Or maybe they just experienced some kind of electrical brain  explosion pre-shutdown, like the last circle of light on one of those old tv's we used to turn off.

Regardless, I think today, this P.I. needs to let go and let God... The Great Spirit... Allah... Moses... Jehovah... Jesus.... Buddha... Mother Earth...The Universe.... whoever.... do his/her thing.
I can not change any one's mind for them.
It is by virtue of being human, we are allowed to make our own decisions.
This song is a favorite of a friend and mine's. Very old, very good.
Perfect tune for a Sunday afternoon.
I am posting it to honor him and remind myself of a few things.

Now it is time to step away from the computer.... and let it be.

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