Friday, September 10, 2010

Praise for New Execution Technique

The opening quote of this story from the Seattle Times about today's execution here in Wa State disturbs me:

"Friday's execution of Cal Coburn Brown, the first time the state has used just one drug in a lethal injection, was carried out "professionally, humanely and was dignified," according to the state Department of Corrections.

Here's what seriously ticks me off.
Why should Brown's execution be professional, humane and dignified, when he showed 21 year-old Holy Washa, the young woman he kidnapped, raped,  tortured for hours, then murdered... no mercy?
There was nothing humane or dignified in Holly's death.
Why does her murderer deserve the luxury of an easy out?
I am very glad this guy was put out of our misery and has exited the planet.
If were ever released, he would kill again.

I just wish he suffered more.
Link to Story: Local News | Execution of killer brings praise for state's new method | Seattle Times Newspaper

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