Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Acid Girl's Charges - Theft

I confess I am more than bit fascinated/obsessed by this case.
And as I was just about to race out for the day, I discovered Prosecutors shared some details of the behind the theft charges associated with this self-mutilating crime.
One of things Bethany Storro wanted to pay for from the sympathy funds she received from the public was an acid face peel. All I can say at the moment is "unbelievable". You never really know what's going on inside someone's head.
Maybe that's why I love my job so much. Never a dull, predictable, boring day or case.
And every time I go into one of those "oh woe is me" modes.... I walk in a home, a police station, a jail, study and sketch an accident scene, photograph a victim's injuries.... or hear about a case like this... I am so grateful for both my health and sanity.
Just follow this link and maybe you'll feel a little better about your own state of mind today.
Wash. woman burned in acid hoax charged with theft - CharlotteObserver.com

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