Friday, August 26, 2011

Susan Powell Case Reawakens

I was not too far from Susan Powell's husband's house yesterday.
Susan Powell is a missing woman who allegedly showed up missing after her husband took his young sons camping in a  snowstorm.
Excuse me... who goes camping in mid winter in the middle of the night with two small kids?
Family and  friends suspect Josh, Susan's husband... who fled back to my area...the Pacific Northwest...  to be with his father who now accuses Susan of coming on to him.
S'cuse me, but can you say B.S?

We saw it happen with Casey Anthony.
We saw it happen with OJ.
We could see it happen with Josh Powell -- one more evil spirit gets away with murder of an angel.
Susan Powell was a very good woman, according to those I've met who knew her.
Her husband is not a good guy.
In my opinion, both father and son are liars.
Police are looking hard for evidence right now as I write and head to that area yet again to work a different case.

Meantime, for this unfamiliar with this case, study it.
I suspect much will unfold in the days again.
Rumor is in the wind that lies are going to catch up with Josh and his father.

At the very least,  I hope the children can land in  the safer hands of the maternal family...
than killer dad and lying grampa.
In my opinion, the kids would be better placed, right now, out of the paternal environment.
To bad the system doesn't work that way.
Innocent until proven guilty.

Though in my head, the verdict's in.
Dad wanted the kids and got him.
Susan would never have left her children.


  1. I'm very much interested in this case and follow it with Google alerts in case there is anything new...

    I hope and pray the rumor in the wind is true... I try and try to give Josh the benefit of the doubt because so many innocent people have been railroaded in the past due to the fact that the police just "don't know who else could have done it"... but I just can't do it with Josh... I have seen no indication that he has ever expressed an interest in finding her... to Josh it seems like "she is gone and that's that"... it sickens me...

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