Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm not sure what to do with this blog.
I don't really have a clue who really reads it... or cares.
There's a comment section below every post, though I don't get a whole lot of comments, usually one or two every now and then.
While my stat counter shows readership all over the world, over 16k readers...
and advertisers appear to love it...
ultimately, this blog is a time consuming effort for no financial, or really, emotional, return.
You just sort of throw the words out there and hope someone cares... or cares enough... to read them and learn. If you're lucky, someone comments.
As some already know from previous posts, I am struggling  with pushing the blog button...
the button that puts the blog on hold for a while...
so I can write a book and worry less about what goes down here.
I figure, that way,  I can write my alleged book in three months.
Meantime, no worries for blog readers.
There are over 700 posts here... lots of reading for those who may have just arrived to this place.
People watch TV re-runs.  Read some books multiple times. Maybe the same hold trues for blogs.

So this will be it for a while on the posts I write that take me deeper into the underbelly of this business. That will come with the book... which will also be more instructional in nature.
I'll visit the blog daily for a number of reasons...
To look for comments after this last post and see if anyone really wants the blog anyway.
Occasionally, I may add A You tube that is too intense, or adult, for my FB wall.
I plan to continue to add to the blog's lists of investigative links at the left.
My ultimate goal... is to keep this blog space alive,  while I get a book out there.
Then the blog will revive itself.
Just like that!

Oddly though, this feels like some kind of eulogy... so I'll leave a parting song in my wake.
If you're game, leave a parting comment below.
Meantime, you know where to find or friend me.
On Facebook.


  1. I absolutely love this blog and eat up each post. When I first found it I went back through the archives and read everything. Couldn't get enough. I will be first in line for your book, and anxiously await the blog-revival!

  2. I have been following your blog for some time now and was disappointed to learn that you will will not be able to post here for some time. It is understandable that having to balance investigations, writing a book, personal life as well as a blog and other endeavours, that you are can't always have the time or energy to do them all to a standard that you are satisfied with.

    I have found your blog to be insightful and entertaining. I am looking forward to your return here and to learn more about the book you are writing.

  3. tiffaney... you and anonymous below are the reason the blog is back. you've done a good thing for me with your words and i can't thank you enough. if you enjoy it, i will cook and serve it. now, i must figure out how to monetize it while i write the book.

  4. Anonymous (AKA Desert Drake)... your post and the expression of disappointment was some kind of trigger that reignited the creative flame inside me. maybe I wanted to know someone noticed because this has been a purely artistic/therapuetic vs. profitable venture. a thousand thanks to you and tiffany for the rah rah. there are way too many boo's and boo-hoo's on this planet.