Sunday, August 28, 2011

Methhead's Mama

It is Sunday morning. The hurricane on the East Coast is passing. That is a good thing.
My cell phone rang an hour ago.
I was not sure whether that was a good thing because the number was blocked.
I picked up anyway.

It was someone, a woman and mother, I have not spoken to for years.
She knew I am a P.I. and how to reach me because I gave her my card when I helped investigate her then minor son's case a while back, with the help of a personal injury attorney.
The case closed favorably.
The son acquired a settlement when he turned 18.
It was a BIG sum, she told me.

I seldom know what clients get in injury cases I work on because I tend to step away by that time. Sometimes they call and tell me.
The mom who called this morning,  told me how much her son got in his injury settlement.
I said "Wow, that's alot for a young kid."
Then she said, "It's all gone."

"All of it?" I asked, trying to figure out how an 18 year old could blow all that money by the time he turned 19.
"All of it. " she said.
"Where'd it go?" I asked.
"Up his nose," she said.

If I said I was stunned, I'd be lying.
I hear about this all the time.
Young people get an injury settlement or inheritance and blow it.
This time, literally.
"How can I help?" I asked.
She then told me her was arrested for assault  with a deadly weapon, the victim was in the hospital,  in full view of witnesses.
It certainly didn't help that he had a bag of meth on him when the police searched him...
and was higher than a kite when arrested.
He was in seriously deep guano.

She said she couldn't afford a private criminal attorney and investigator... and asked if I would help.
I paused... then respectfully declined.

I decided to be blunt, to tell her what I know about Methamphetamine and people addicted to it.
How the first use for many is euphoric, followed by three solid days of energy... then a crash.
Then a craving, pursuit and use of more Methampheatmine.
I told her how Meth burns holes in the brain.
The holes never repair themselves completely.
I told her Meth is like an agent of  living decomposition, it destroys the body from the inside out.
It rots the teeth.
It tries to escape through the skin and causes these bloody acne-like pock marks all over.
Then I went into the litany of other changes, physical and psychological.
I told her how sorry I was, that I could not help her.
Truth be told, I was sorry for her.
I felt no sorrow for her son.
It bothers me a bit I have hardened so much.
However, was his choice.
He had it all.... and he blew it.

So I referred her to the Public Defender Agencies and Private P.I,'s and Private Criminal Defense Attorneys who feed on such cases.
Then I asked for her email address.
I told her I wanted to send her something.
I didn't tell her I thought her ignorance about Meth was astounding.
Instead, I decided to help her learn that  on her own.
So I sent her two things.
The video that follows.
And the Tim Burton video on Meth, which is longer...
and is listed on the links on the left side of this blog if you care to check it out.
Not a happy blog subject, I know.
Just a real one.

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