Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interpretation of Casey Anthony's Diary


  1. that was a terrible video. Very few people are really that one sided as casey is made out to be. Who in the world made this? This kind of thinking is what gets us in trouble in my opinion. "Oh shes an inhuman monster !" No, shes human and if we start to understand why these thing happen, instead of dismissing them as 'just crazeee lol' then we may have a shot at preventing such things from happening in the future.

  2. Evermore. Well said. And your outrage was well contained.It's relatively easy to find out who made this and I suspect there will be an attorney or two going after some folks. like the one who made this, for slander and libel on Casey's behalf in a civil arena. However, I do believe I am allowed to post it. And because this blog traverses both dark and the light sides, I chose to post it here as reflection both Casey..and the outraged person who had angst to express... and chose creative, vs. violent outlet. Thank you for the comment. Negative, positive, it's all good here. i value your input. And if you read today's blog, you will find a reference to this comment in it.