Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DearPrivateEye@Gmail.com - Problem Overload

Dear Private Eye:

I can't seem to shift my thinking to a more positive perspective. People tell me to just think of problems as opportunities. I only see problems. Now my girlfriend has dumped me after my unemployment ran out. Any brilliant ideas?


Dear Distressed,

Interesting and relevant email.
In Chinese, the symbol for "problem" and "opportunity" are the same thing. I guess that's why I use this quote ad nauseum. "Let's turn this problem into an opportunity."
I know it's hard... sometimes even to get out of bed.
Personally, I am having one of those mornings as I write this.... and I have yet to hit the road.
The challenge of life is rising to meet it when you feel like the rug had been pulled out underneath you. Me? I weave new rugs from tattered remains.
So do one thing different today, Distressed.
One little thing.
Baby steps lead to bigger steps, then leaps and bounds.
An example? I didn't plan to blog this a.m. and did.
I'm not saying much am I? However, I am saying something.
And that is better than doing nothing at all,
I leave behind the following video I also posted on my Facebook wall.
My friends sent it to me, Les performs it, Elle is his muse.
The message in the song is quote meaningful and I believe Les in an awesome performer.
He's in Las Vegas right now.
And he started with just one baby step.

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