Saturday, July 9, 2011

Eulogy: Last word on Caylee and Casey

I got an email comment from a blog reader who was quite upset by a biased You Tube posted about Casey Anthony below.
It was interesting because I agree with that reader's comment.
And I thought quite some time before posting the video on the blog.
I knew it would stir the pot.
Other people emailed me.  I'd say there was a 50-50 split on fair and unfair.

I guess that's why I hesitated before posting that You-Tube.
Ultimately,  however, I decided to use blog to reflect what I see the world seeing... and what I feel personally about cases I investigate or hear about.
Of course, like a pancake,  every story has two sides.
And there are people, now free from prison, I honestly believed guilty who turned out innocent.
I have also worked cases where the police and/or a grand jury couldn't get enough evidence on someone we all knew/believed murdered someone....
so the murderer (I will not use the words "alleged murderer")  is still free.

I've made my opinion about Casey's guilt clear on my Facebook page.
I believe she is a compulsive and pathological liar.
I believe she did it, she knows she did it... however, she has somehow convinced herself she didn't do it . Or if she does think she did it, she didn't do it on purpose. Along the way she wove a sticky, complex webs of lies that trapped her family and this nation.
Ultimately, she convinced her attorneys and convinced a jury  that her lies were so confusing, the jury couldn't be sure she killed Caylee.
I get that. I don't like it, but I get it.
How the jury did not get her child neglect -- 31 days, missing baby, 911 call triggered by Grandmother --  is way beyond my ability to comprehend.

I have learned a lot about lies, lying and liars in my career as a PI,
Pathological liars or rank amateurs can actually convince themselves the lie is true.
Somehow, they send some signal through their brains, that makes them believe their own lie.
Like I didn't really kill my baby.
Or it was an accident.
Or it never happened.
Or SODDI (Some other Dude Did It).

I met a lunatic the other day and I am convinced, had that person had a gun I would not be here.
Casey Anthony may meet up with some such lunatic who has a gun and may meet fate fast.
Or maybe she will have another baby and many more and marry and fade into another sensational story that makes the top 100 crimes on a reality TV show 10 years from now.
What's done is done. There are no do-overs in life. Just go-forwards.

So when I came across a Facebook page this morning run by the families of missing children and murdered children.... families who are lost and outraged  by the media attention focused on this case and not their missing child, I knew it was time to say goodbye to Caylee, Casey and the whole case.
The You Tube below is long and yes, biased.

It is however, a poignant requiem to leave in this case's wake.
It's also a longer cut, so give yourself, and Caylee, seven minutes today.

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