Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DearPrivateEye@Gmail.com - Beat Up

Dear Private Eye,

I feel like I've been beat up all my life. Now I'm down for the count. I don't want to get up anymore.  I want to lay here and disappear.  How do I keep fighting when I got no fight left? 


Dear Defeated,

When it comes right down to what you perceive as life's final knock-out blow, it may not be so.
When you think you can't get up anymore know this:  just by thinking you can rise... your mind can set your body in motion.  Your brain controls your body's actions.
You can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and live to fight another day.

We humans are the only species, allegedly, that can anticipate.... pontificate upon... our own deaths.
So some of us fear death every day. Others toy with it. Some delay it or deny it. Others claim to welcome it.
I believe, initially, none of us, goes down without a fight.
There's nothing quite so strong as the survival instinct.  It's what "fight and flight" are all about -- do you choose to fight and risk death for yours or a greater perceived good?
Or do you choose flight, and live?
 If you've got a few minutes Deafeated, (which it sounds like you do), check out the video below.
Maybe it'll strike the same chord in you it has in me and others.
If things get worse, call a crisis line, a suicide line, talk to  a family member, a friend,  teacher, your doctor, walk into the ER...tell someone how dark your world truly is... and you might be surprised who might extend a hand and help you to your feet.
Consider the You Tube that follows your first leg up.

Most sincerely,
Your Private Eye

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