Friday, July 22, 2011

Bin Laden Sea Hunt?

I've been hearing about this guy Bill Warren and his rather bizarre mission for quite a while and was highly skeptical about it all... until I did a little research on Bill's background.
He's serious alright. And the guy is no quack.
It's not about the money he said,  because the bounty hunting part is past.
And I don;t buy the "it's not about the money part" because Bill is, after all a treasure hunter.
Plus, there is definite money on the table and a documentary in the wings.
And now and opportunity for a ride-along.
Yet according to Bill, it's about proving Bin Laden is really dead and this isn't some kind of  elaborate cover up.
From what I have heard of how Bin Laden's body was disposed of and wrapped, it may just be found. All it could take is one person who was aboard on the Navy ship  that dropped the body to talk to Bill.
A sort of water wiki leak with just a few key coordinates.
If you're interested in joining the hunt or donating to the cause... which I am not... there is a fascinating link to Bill's site anyway.... The Bin Laden Sea Hunt. It's at the end of this post.
I'll also post a great story about the search on my Facebook page next.
The You Tube that follows also follows the hunt.

While I can think of better things to do with my time than hunt for Bin Laden, there are other people who believe the whole Bin Laden takeout and burial at sea was a conspiracy.
Like the whole 911 attack....  the conspiracy theorists claim the Twin Towers and consecutive attacks were done not by terrorists, but our own government. In this bloggers opinion, that is a major crock.

And  yes, I  personally do believe our government took Bin Laden down and dropped his body at sea.
If Bill Warren wants to make sure of that, or get the body as some kind of sick treasure and profit from it, well I guess it's his call. It will make a fascinating documentary.
What you think of this situation depends how you think.
I personally think it's fascinating, bizarre and may just happen.
Here's a link to full story about the hunt from the Ron and Don Show and My here in Seattle. 
Click the next line, if you want to support, join, or read about the hunt from Bill's site.

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