Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wandering on Wednesday

Whoever "they" are, they say three times is a trend, which is what I am going for. A trend of daily posts to this blog despite how busy I am.  So this would be day three.

Today I am both hunting and gathering -- hunting for a no-show from yesterday in the hopes of gathering information.  Those who read my FB wall know a PI can travel hours to find or meet one person... and then that person is nowhere to be found.

When I find the person... a huge adrenalin rush.
When I do not find the person... I'm frustrated and I suspect, no joy to live with.
Not in a mean way, just in an obsessed way.

It's just we P.I.'s become so focused on our cases, our subjects, our targets, our witnesses, our informants, what we perceive as our game changers...
that we become laser-guided heat seeking missiles.

So I am clearly too obsessed to write now. I am compelled to go to find an elusive subject today. 
I'll be stopping at a collision yard near a military base along the way.
There's a car there to photograph before the insurance company tows it away.
It's totaled and so is the person who was in the driver's seat.
I need to document the car's damages because it speaks to the victim's.

So you drive safe today...
And remember... "never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly."


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