Monday, June 4, 2012

"Never Ever Ever Give Up."

Okay, so my first attempt to breathe new life in the blog was a complete failure.
I got busy.
I know, I know... "excuses are the pillars of fools."
However I, and many of my fellow P.I.'s,  got much busier than usual.

The police were pre-occupied with a number of shootings -- some mass killings -- here in Seattle.
There were also alot of very little kids who got their parents handguns and killed or critically wounded other kids. 
Some cases that fell by the wayside, were handed off to people like me.

It seems while statistics says less people are driving drunk, high...
it appears to me, when people do drive under the influence, they are obliterated and obliterate others. 
For a P.I., new business comes from hard times.
And let's just say, these are very hard times.

People are sinking in a financial quicksand and can barely keep their heads up enough to catch a whiff of clear air or see there is a horizon out there.
Loss of money often separates the ethical person from the unethical.
Some people choose dark paths. Fraud. Deception. Theft. Home Invasion. Robbery.
On-line dating websites are favorite fishing holes for the black widows and widowers.

And then there's always the lovely word that brings rats out of the woodwork.
It has been said... where there is a will, there are 100 relatives.
I am here to attest to the truth of that.

Every day, people are pursued, courted or captivated by  new friends or lovers disguised as predators who are after their assets.
You can tell people they are hanging out with a bad person, you can show them records, or videos or whatever they hire you to prove to them they are being deceived.
Some do step away.
Yet still, every day, bodies are being pulled out life's various rivers of denial.
If only they reached out for a branch and held on.

Winston Churchill gave me today's blog title. It's my favorite quote of his.
The World War was raging.
The world was collapsing.
He said those simple words and the good guys fought on....
 and for a blip in time....
a most important time in world history indeed...
millions of people were liberated from some very serious oppression.

So here I am again.
The elusive P.I. writing a different way.
Shorter, faster, to the point.
And hopefully, daily.
My only nemesis is time.
And often the lack of an empty chuck of it.

Ultimate goal?
To build this blog into a cyber place, a cyber space, where people can not only gather info, or learn about the dark side to protect themselves from it...
It'll be a place we all can go,  the good's a safe house for our collective brain trust.

So today's message before I hit the road is simple.
"Never ever ever give up."

When you are sinking and you think no one is around, give a shout out.
When you feel like you've lost someone you love because you've behaved badly, behave differently.
When you feel your body is failing you, do not fail it by giving up. 
Fight back and you might be surprised how powerful you truly are.
There is no expiration date on the human body. Or the human spirit.
So long as you "never, ever, ever give up."
Thank you for that, Mr. Churchill.

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  1. How is it a failure? There isn't a rule about how many blog posts a person has to make... Just write when you want to... :)

    Web savvy people will subscribe to your feed... that's how I know when you post.. it shows up in my Google Reader and then I follow up by visiting your blog...