Sunday, June 10, 2012

Re: The Renee Duskin Case

This will be a blog post more for me... than for you the reader.
I need/want to vent.
I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...
because this cyber blog thing is a whole new thing to everyone.
There's no AP style book for bloggers.
How we use our blog spaces and places is up to us.

So here's the deal.
I decided to start blogging again after a long gap for a whole lot of reasons I will spare you.
Suffice to say most of those excuses involve lack of time...
which seems to be a common dilemma for most of us struggling to earn an income, stay healthy and have a life in this tanking world economy.

That said, I wrote a blog post a couple days ago.
It just happened to coincide with a personal,  life altering event and I wrote about it.
It is called "Another Bad Guy Bites The Dust" and it's just below the song below this post.
I wrote it for me.
And I wrote it for Renee's family.
I wrote it with Renee's brother approval.
Because I wrote for a purpose.
I felt Renee's death was a murder staged as a suicide.
And it happened to a friend.
And I happened to care.
And just as other people believe the guilt often run free,  so do I.

So, yes... I repeat... I do believe for a fact... Renee Duskin was murdered.
And I do believe I know who did it.
So I believe, does  Renee's family, Renee's friends, her work associates, her clients, and all the people  who came forward under cloaks of confidentiality or anonymity.
Even, in my opinion, the police and then prosecutor know who did it.

Who did it was her estranged boyfriend....
a prominent Attorney in Everett Washington, which is located in Snohomish County.

I believe I can legally mention this safely now, not only because: it was in newspaper articles,  in public records and everyone but a few people know he did it anyway.
I will also reiterate that this is purely my opinion and I could be wrong.Only, I think I'm right.

Renee DID NOT kill herself.
My opinion, unproven by law, purely conjecture is she was murdered by Tim Robbin about 18 years ago.
I would've put the guy under citizen's arrest years ago if I didn't think he'd kill me first.
And if this blog post is the last time it is ever said by anyone, at least I said it.
I will spare the "why's",  the evidence, the thought patterns...
there's much in the blog I wrote before this.
Yet I want to respond to  a comment made in the comment section  by a family member of Tim's.
 It was an eloquent, intelligent,  linear and completely understandable response given the fact his brother has died and left a grieving family behind.

However he could not have been more wrong in what he said about me. Yours truly.
He said I get some kind of gain out this? Are you kidding me?
This is NOT my idea of good time on a Sunday.
I do not enjoy writing about this knowing there are children, nieces, nephews,  parents, siblings associates of Tim's out there grieving just as Renee's family did.

The family member stated the suicide defense. Renee killed herself, she was depressed and the Tim was falsely accused.
Fair enough.

Yes she was depressed because her mother died.
Who wouldn't be?
Especially when you have such an awesome mother you are so close to?

Every piece of evidence indicates Renee was not clinically depressed and certainly not suicidal.
She had no desire to kill herself.
Evidence, witness reports, letters, her datebook, everything, indicates she was happy,  upbeat and couldn't wait to get on to life WITHOUT Tim.
She just wanted him out of her beach house. He wanted to stay in the beach house and said she should be the one to leave.
Can you say "War of The Roses?"
It wasn't very quiet around Tim and Renee.
It got really nasty when they decided to split.
While heresay now, the fact that she told someone close to her something like  "If anything happens to me look at Tim first" certainly has some bearing here, don't you think?

Renee had a tight-knit family -- brother, sisters, nieces, nephews, plus uncles and aunts who were just like parents. And countless,  devoted friends she confided in.
Renee was so not alone, so loved and so in love with life and in the very end, the day of the murder,  so out of love with Tim.
Her calendar and conversations  reflect an active, pre-planned life the day before and in the hours before her murder.
And the days long after she'd be dead.
She was so looking forward to the future.
She had plans that very night.

I believe this "she was depressed because her mother died and killed herself" defense was the line of  defense, Robbins used to explain why someone with such a zest for life and an admitted hatred of guns would put his gun in her own mouth and pull the trigger while he was there, in her house.
Right before she was due at the neighbor's house for dinner.
That neighbor was a friend she confided in and watched much of the day's activity through a window with her mom and dad.
This is all in police files.

The neighbors  saw Tim arrive at the house (he was not supposed to come home that day).
The same neighbors saw Tim wash his hands through a window and then flee the scene.
Little kids heading up the dirt road report him racing down the dirt past them at  a high rate of speed, his face bright red, his eyed wide, gripping the wheel, not even seeing him.
Tim was at the scene when Renee shot herself.
He  left the scene and didn't call 911.
I believe it was a neighbor  who ran back the the house after Tim left and found Renee dead who cried out to someone to call 911.
The crime scene photos are still embedded on the cellular soft-drive called my brain.
She was kneeling on the ground beside the beds. Her hands in a prayer position.
I will spare the other details.
Suffice to say, a suicide it was not.
In my opinion.

It wasn't for lack of anyone's effort on any part Robbins did not get charged.
I suspect the Snohomish County detectives initially bought the suicide story at first...
Then I think they did everything they could once they realized what Robbins was about and what really happened.
The Grand Jury tried.
Not enough evidence.
Everyone could only dig so deep because, suffice to say, to everyone but his family and close friends... Tim was very scary. He knew how to both sue and hurt people. He liked to hunt and had weapons. Still, he was handsome and seemed nice enough. Some of his clients loved him and remain intensely loyal to him to this day.

You know how everyone says after someone freaks out and shoots a group of people or becomes a serial killer, they almost always say something like this?
"We had no clue. I was his best friend and he was the nicest guy. He'd never do that"
This would be one of those cases.

I am of the opinion that it  was because of Tim's brilliance as an attorney... because he knew how to beat the system that he beat the system.

Yes, I am defending myself in this blog and I am defending the post I wrote earlier because I DO know these things...
I am not making them up.
And had not the haters chosen to descend on my email and blog like locusts, I would have let it be.
The facts of Renee Duskin's murder are, in my opinion, verifiable and on file.
Of course, I could be wrong here... last I knew, determination of death was changed from "suicide" to "undetermined"

There are Public Disclosures laws and the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) that allows public access to police investigation files that are not under active investigation. And  Renee's family allowed a few people, myself included,  access to all files the police would allow, in the hopes we could comprehend the incomprehensible.
When we thought suicide was suspect and set about to find the truth.
Just no doubt, as robbins family is doing now.

When we and other citizens looked deep, it was like like we stuck a stick in a hornet's nest.

So when I posted the article I did so because Tim had passed away and could not hurt me, or  Renee's family or other people anymore.
Then, out came the haters.
People hating me for writing the truth.

If you don't believe me, or agree with me.... no worries.
I'm all about free speech.
I anticipate, expect and accept that.
What I will not accept -- in silence --  is some of the emails I am getting.
Some  come in through through the comments section of these blog posts and I delete them and do not post them.
And some come in my email.

The good news is any hate letters and threats sent to me by email can be traced via my computer forensics expert friends. Sending hate or threats over state lines via the internet is a Federal offense. The F.B.I. is always open to new business. And as a blogger I am allowed to state my opinion.

The other good news is this is MY blog and I will continue to delete and not publish the rude, crude and lewd responses I am getting... I suspect... from Tim Robbin's friends.
See, Tim has a posse. Some of us believe that posse is still out there.

This blog is about Renee Duskin's life.
They recognize and acknowledge that she lived, loved, was loved and in my opinion, murdered.
And the man who we believe killed her, was found dead -- with a handgun and a note-- almost two decades late.
We believe it IS newsworthy

Cold cases always stay warm in the heart of the victim's family and friends.


  1. you nailed it on the head...good job.

  2. I think if other parties are posting that they shoulnt be deleted arent there two sides , we should get both.........

  3. anon, number 2. good point. and true. that is why i am only deleting the replies i deem obscene... which means they are laden with curse words and insults. and i delete not just the ones that call me, and the victim names. also the ones that call the suspect names. i expect people to disagree with me. it would unreasonable of me not to post those objections.

  4. Thanks Susan!!!

  5. I get and understand the whole "freedom of speech" thing. Reading your blog it is clear to your readers that you are emotionaly vested in the cold case of Ms. Duskin. I can appreciate this forum as your outlet in dealing with your feelings of recent events. I just want to say the tragedy that has recently unfolded re: Robbins death has had an extremely emotional impact on his innocent family & in our community. There are others that are going through pain and suffering just as I'm sure the friends & family of Ms. Duskin have and still are. I would respectfully ask that you consider one thing. When your blog on this subject matter has finished its personal purpose for you, delete it so that the 2 very young children of Robbins, or their friends/schoolmates & parents thereof, won't have the ability to learn about this from an "unauthorized source" lets say, and use it to damage the lives of these poor children that will have to live and grow up in a small community with this incident forever in their lives. Kids and gossip mongers in small communities are crueler and more impactful than tragic event itself.If you had any form of relationship with this children, I think you'd you'd be compassionate for what they will go through their entire life, something out of their control and that they never asked for or deserved. You can say the same is true for Ms Dunkin and I would agree, but I ask just the same, please appreciate and take ownership of your actions and need for healing and decide is it more important or worthy of adding to the destruction of 2 innocent children's future. Thank you.

    1. OH PLEASE!!...what?..are you now going to ask the SEATTLE TIMES TO DELETE the story they did on the front page of their paper 18 years ago also!!???
      I APPLAUDE MS. Ludwig for speaking the truth and letting it be heard LOUD AND CLEAR..
      This is NOT a PERSONAL PURPOSE for Ms. Ludwig..she is speaking for HUNDREDS of people that have kept quiet for 18 years because they were to AFRAID to say anything about Ms Duskins KILLER! AKA...TIM ROBBINS!!