Sunday, June 17, 2012


I think the best part of blogging is how fluid it is.
Put something up, change your mind, take it down.
It's not like publishing a newspaper. or book.
You got no editor, you got no word limit...
all you got is what's in your head and what you are willing to  type on the keyboard and release into the vast galaxy called cyberspace.
 The song I had earlier today on my blog made me kind of sad given the events I've blogged about this past week.
So I decided to take the sad song down and lighten the mood in my head and on the blog... by re-posting  one of my favorite all time songs/performances by Hugh Laurie.
Many of you know him as House.
He is also a fabulous musician and songwriter.
I have posted this on the blog before. Twice I think.
I post it this evening for therapeutic purposes.
And also for selfish ones.
The life of a private investigator always carries a measure of risk.
You never know if something bad  will happen.
And with the hate mail I have been getting lately, that concept truly hits home.
Part of my job is looking at what people left behind when bad things happened to them... I want  to leave a nice neat tidy blog before I head out for another week of professional unknowns.
I think this song is a nice leave-behind until I get back.
See you on the flip side.

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