Thursday, April 15, 2010

Surveillance: The Good, Bad and Ugly.

Last night, I blogged re: surveillance and posted a link about how it plays into legal proceedings.
Today,  before heading out on my rounds, I picked up a story off one of my favorite P.I. Info sources, PI Newswire.

The story I am linking you at the end of this post  takes the legal implications of a Private Investigator doing surveillance to the highest of levels.
There are great risks involved in the pursuit of what one believes to be justice.
It is always wise, in all occupations, to be careful who you work for and  be discerning about what you do. This is especially true for PI's.

The book on the left was written by a dear friend and mentor, Gene Robertson, who used to teach my surveillance course at U.W., among many other places. Gene, a retired fed who never retired from helping people: friends, family, clients and new P.I's like me.

My very first surveillance job was under Gene's tutelage. And far as it goes, I don't know a better surveillance man or instructor than Gene. Gene unexpected, recent passing, shocked and devastated his family and the investigation community here in the Pacific Northwest. I hope anyone who is interested in surveillance and how to do it the right way will, will consider ordering Gene's "Ultimate Surveillance-The Basics." from Amazon via this blog link. It's got everything... from equipment, to technique to laws and war stories. You buy it once... and you could be in business.

Meantime, please take a moment to go to P.I. Newswire to understand the legal perils a P.I. faces every day on the job:
FDA Official Followed By New York City Detective

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